Today, Primark reveals that it is betting big on the power of digital screens and signage in-store, as it unveils its new five-floor Birmingham branch – the largest-ever for the retailer. The retailer is putting the customer experience at the heart of its offering, by installing a total of 23 state-of-the-art digital displays throughout the new store, which have been implemented by its in-store customer experience partner Mood Media.

From video walls to Window LED screens, Primark will use the digital displays as wayfinders and welcoming screens to advertise the different attractions on each floor – including the three concession stores Duck and Dry, Disney Café, and The Mills – to improve the customer experience as shoppers navigate the store.

“Primark has always been at the cutting-edge when it comes to using digital screens and signage to attract shoppers in-store, but this new store opening shows that Primark is willing to go bigger and better when it comes to this powerful medium,” said Linda Ralph, VP International Business Development at Mood Media. “Given the sheer size of the store and its breadth of offer, the digital directories can really catch the attention of shoppers while in store, showcasing the various cafes and services on each floor so they don’t miss out on incredible experiences. This is particularly important for beauty, which has been a very successful category for Primark.

“We know that consumers are increasingly viewing shopping on the high-street as a leisure experience, as compared to online where more functional and transactional purchases take place. For Primark, this store opening will be an amazing opportunity to deliver this value-add to shoppers, as the retailer seeks to act more like a department store, while placing an even greater emphasis on the in-store customer experience. Other retailers need to take note of this, using the in-store environment to inspire and entertain shoppers, while encouraging them to stay in-store for longer and return” added Ralph.


A recent study by Mood Media, which surveyed 10,000 shoppers across the globe, found that:

  • 46% of shoppers have been influenced by digital content they’ve viewed in store
  • 58% of consumers say that engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopping
  • 1 in 2 Gen Z’ers say they’ve been influenced by in-store video/digital content
  • 39% off fashion shoppers say they’ve been attracted into a clothing store after noticing “engaging content on store screens” inside

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